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Welcome in paradise!

Lesvos beaches are very beautiful. Enjoy sunset on Lesvos Island. Here you can choose where you prefer to swim.

Lesbos island has territory 1630 sq.km and this is third big Greek island. To visit different beaches you will need to have car or motorbike. Lesvos beaches are amazing like in all Greece. In Lesvos Island you can find different sandy and gravel beaches. In height season there are a lot of tourists on the beaches, but anyway you can find some of them more empty. Besides nice external beaches, Lesvos has two almost closed bays where you’ll never see waves and wind.

The biggest bay is Kalloni and smaller is Gera. In Kalloni bay you can find two nice sandy beaches: Skala Kallonis and Nifida. This is picturesque beaches with fisherman’s harbors and taverns near the sea. Skala Kallonis is quite and long beach with shallow waters. On one side of the beach you can take umbrellas and from other side to enjoy in trees shadow. Nifida (Nyfida) beach is located 4km far from Polihnitos town. This is 1km long beach with few cafes near the sea. Gera bay is a bit more deep than Kalloni. Here you can find nice gravel beach Evriaki with small gravel and shells different colors and very clean water.

Near entrance to Gera bay there is nice beach Agios Ermogenis. It is not very popular, but water here very clean and you definitely will enjoy picturesque nature around.

Tarti beach on the south of Lesvos is very nice and developed. Here you can swim in crystal clean water and get tan all day long.

Next nice beach is Melinda. This is wide sandy beach with nice rocks near the sea. Sand here has golden color and sea mirror-like waters.

Vatera is the biggest and best sandy beach of Lesvos island. It has 7 km length. Beach has an award Blue flag for height standards and clean nature. This area is very popular among tourists and here is easy to find accommodation. Vatera is 2 km far away from thermal complexes in Vrisa town.

Skala Eressos also is one of the best Lesvos beaches. Place is very organized for tourists – umbrellas, café, restaurants. If you like height comfort this beach is for you. If you are planning to live near this beach we can suggest to book hotel so early as possible. Summer time this is one of the most popular places. But also Skala Eressos beach is the best for family holidays.

Next quite popular town and beach is Sigri. Here also you can easily find accommodation and spend relaxing Greek holidays. Town is well organized for tourists, has shops, cafes and restaurants. This is the most west point of Lesvos and in this part of island blowing fresh wind in summer time, so don’t afraid to rent a room without air condition. Near the sea you can visit still existing Turkish fortress.

Petra was a nice fisherman village that become popular touristic center. It gets the name from big mountain near the beach, in Greek language petra mean mountain. City are developed and improved for tourists. It’s full of shops, cafes, bars. On the beach line you can find umbrellas and enjoy fresh sea food in one of taverns near the beach.  

Molyvos (Mithimna) is the most picturesque town in Lesvos Island. That’s why it becomes one of main touristic cities. Here you can find everything – traditional architecture, small houses around mountain and castle on the top, fisherman’s port and very clean sea water. City beach Molyvos is popular because of calm sea and gold sand. From the beach you can enjoy castle view. Molyvos is 6 km far from Petra and 63 km from Mytilene.

On the east from Mithimna, 4 km far away located gravel beach Efatlou. This is not bing and cozy beach. Near Eftalou you can also visit hot springs.

Beach in Baloutsas is hidden and wild. If you are going there better take jeep or road to the beach can become torture. But if you will get the place it deserve it with amazing nature around.

Beach Campo Antissa usually is empty. This is one of the most secluded beaches of the island. May be because of gravel, but there is sand here also. Also this is the only places where you can see turtles.

In all Lesvos beaches you can find something that will attract you. Plan your holidays, travel in amazing Lesvos island and swim in crystal waters.