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How to get Lesvos Island by ferry

Lesvos (Mytilene) has direct ferry connection with some Greek islands:

Piraeus (PIR) (Athens), duration 11 hours 25 min

Chios (CHI), duration 3 hours 30 min

Ikaria (IKA) -Agios Kirikos, duration 16 hours 20 min

Kavala (KAV), duration 10 hours 10 min

Limnos (LMN), duration 6 hours

Vathi (BTH) (Samos), duration 7 hours 10 min

Karlovassi (KAR) (Samos), duration 7 hours 20 min

Thessaloniki (SKG), duration 15 hours 50 min

Tinos (TIN), duration 6 hours 5 min

Lesvos connect by ferry with Turkey:

Ayvalik (AYV),  duration 1 hour 30 min

Large Ferry Boats which are part of the Maritime Shipping Company of Lesvos (N.E.L. ) fleet, depart daily to Chios - Piraeus. Also there is ferry to Rafina, Thessaloniki and Kavala.

Lesvos port located in main island city - Mytilini (LES).


In Greece there are more than 1500 islands. Ferries connection is very developed in Greece. Most of islands connect by ferries. Lesvos Island has permanent connection with main Greek cities as Athens and Thessaloniki. Lesvos port also has international connection with Turkey, city Ayvalik. Very soon in our site will be opportunity to buy ferry ticket for this destination. Lesvos port in Mytilene visit not only ferry boats, it is also popular destination for cruise ships from all around the world.

Ferries can transfer people, loads, transport. If you travel in Greece by car or motorbike, you can take it in ferry and reach another place. During booking ferry ticket you can see if vehicle seat is available. For vehicle transfer required additional payment. There are cafes, restaurants in ferries, rooms and halls with different comfort lever. Room can be for 2,4 or 6 people. Price of room depends on type.

Ferry connection Lesbos with other islands and continent provide few ferries companies. Ferries from Mytilene to Chios and Piraeus serve Hellenic Seaways company. NEL Lines connect Mytilene with Chios, Limnos, Samos islands and Thessaloniki. Blue Star Ferries keep routs Athens (Piraeus port) and Chios island.

With our site very easy to find any ferry tickets. Just choose place of departure, arrival and dates, and you will see ferry schedule for you route. Depends if you need round trip or one way ticket choose this option. You can search tickets for a few person or one and available seats for vehicle. Click Search button and in a few seconds you will see results. Some tips: if you don't see available ferry, check another dates; if there is no direct ferry to necessary destination, you can search for connecting ferries. Also down you can see detailed ferry schedule to Lesvos island.

Lesvos, Mytilene (LES) port