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Welcome in paradise!

City of Mytilene - is the capital of Lesvos Island. Mytilene is one of the most ancient cities in Greece and in the entire world. The city was founded in 1053 BC. In 6-7 century it become famous with its worldwide known poets Arion, Alpheus, Sapfo and philosopher Pittacos.

The modern houses together with buildings of 19 century, byzantine churches and picturesque parks creates a special atmosphere and tourists from all the world are coming to feel the spirit of the city.

Mitilini located on the hill between two bays. In south part you can find the fish market and real Greek taverns, in the area called Ermou. Mosque Yeni Tzami is the border of old Turkish quarter, which still remain the fortress of Osman period. This Byzantine fortress is located in a pine grove, and it was built in 6 century by imperator Justinian. Towers and bastions were damaged during Turkish siege in 1462, but still you can visit ruins of the Gatellusi castle - Turkish madrassas, dervish cells and a water tank from Byzantine times. Between the castle and Ermou Street you can walk in the city through a labyrinth of small streets with beautiful houses. Also you can see a lot of old style houses in the south areas Souradha and Kioski, which are more close to the airport. You can visit ancient amphitheatre of Agia Kyriaki that it was built in XIX century.

Mytilene is a touristic city with shops, cafes and taverns. There are a lot of hotels in Mitilini and you can choose through our site some of the best hotels/rooms/apartment to stay.


When you will come to Mitilini it will be very interesting to visit Archeological museum. It is contain two parts - the New or Top museum with exhibits of Roman period and Old museum with exhibits from ancient times and more early periods. Byzantine museum which located in the church Agios Therapon has a unique collection of icons and frescoes. There is list of museums:

Archaeological Museum (tel. no +30 251- 22087)

Located nearthe statue of Liberty on the corner of Argyri Eftalioti and 8th November street. The museum boasts a collection of significant archaeological findings from excavation sites all over islands. The collection includes prehistoric relics from Mytilene, Antissa and Mythemna; earthenware and coins of various ages, magnificent gold funeral gifts, exquisite mosaics as well as remarkable inscriptions concerning treaties signed between Lesbos and various other states during ancient times.

New archaeological Museum (tel. no +30 251- 22087)

Housed in a new building in Melina Merkouri street. For the time being it houses a temporary exhibition called "Lesbos Makaria. Cultivations-Commerce - Trades", on the theme of life on the island from the VII century BC until the Roman Rule.

Byzantine Museum (Aghiou Therapontos tel. no +30 251 28916)

A collection of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine icons and ecclesiastic relics. Three large icons stand out among the other items in the collection; created by unknown Great Byzantine painters were the icon of Christ the Pantocrator; St. John the Divine; and St. George in armor. Among the items displayed are sacerdotal vestments, sections of iconostases from old churches, many ecclesiastic vessels of great value, rare manuscripts and numerous Byzantine books.

Museum of Popular Art (tel. no +30 252-41388)

Housed in the restored building of the former old Port Authorities in Kountouriotou street, along the waterfront. The collection includes earthenware produced in Agiasos and Mantamados, villages with a flourishing pottery trade. Plates bearing scenes taken from daily life on the island, household utensils, furniture, old fire arms, fine examples of needlecraft and traditional costumes are some of the items on display.

Theofilos Museum (tel. no +30 252-41644)

This museum exhibits works of the popular painter of Lesbos, Theofilos, who became known as "Tsolia" (evzone) because he always wore a graphic kind of Greek kilt. It is located in a Vareia district on the outskirts of the town of Mytilene. It was constructed with the initiative and financing of Strati Eleftheriadi (Teriade), in 1965, who granted it to the Municipality of Mytilene. The museum has five exhibition rooms which house 86 works of the popular painter. Among Theofilos' finest works are "Limnios Kehagias", "the gulf of Yera", "Trata (a traditional dance)" etc. The painter's works were temporarily housed in the Municipal Gallery (near the Ministry of the Aegean) but restoration work in the old building is now complete and his works have once again found their place in the old museum building.

Teriade Museum - Library of Modern Art (Tel. no +30 251 - 23372)

Located on the same grounds as the Theofilos museum. This museum is the result of its founder's wish to exhibit his publishing work. Visitors can see the "Great books", which contain original works of art and designs created by great painters. The exhibition rooms occasionally house temporary exhibitions of the works of established painters.


The town of Mytilene is not reputed for its beaches. If what you're looking for is long, sandy beaches, you'll have to head out of the town centre. Nevertheless, the fact remains that, regardless of which site you choose to go swimming, the waters will be crystal clear.

The town of Mytilene has an organised beach called "tsamakia", under the direction of the National Tourist Board and located on the coastline below the castle walls. Mytilenians usually prefer going to the smaller beaches on the outskirts south of the town during the week. You'll find a number of small beaches (Vigla, Neapolis 5km, Kratigos 11 km) out toward the airport. If you move further to the south you'll reach the charming bay of Aghios Ermogenis (23km) ; if you take the northern exit out of the town in the direction of the coast of Thermis (10km), you'll discover beaches such as Petalidi, Skala Mistegnon (18km) or Skala Neon Kydonion (Baltziki - 21km).

Useful Information


The capital of the island and administrative capital of the Prefecture of Lesbos. Located on the east coast of the island, 6 kilometres from the town's airport.


40,000 inhabitants


By sea and air daily (see transports)

Petrol stations

Approx. 10 petrol stations in the town.

Occupation of the locals

Commerce, Farming, Fishing

Health Care

There are 28 Pharmacies and a Hospital in the town. Specialists of all Medical branches are available.


The Castle, Theophilos and Teriade Museum, Municipal Art Gallery, Archaeological Museum, Ancient Theatre.


A number of Hotels and rooms to let (see hotel page)


Plenty of bars and cafeterias


Many taverns, restaurants and pizzerias


Nearby beaches for bathing, the National Tourism Organisation (NTO) Plage and the coastline to the airport.


Large port suitable for all types of vessel


The "Lesbos Summer Festival" is held every year, featuring a large number of events. The Ouzo Festival. The 8th of November is celebrated as Liberation day from the Turks.

Local Products

Olives, Pickles, Cheeses, Olive oil, woodcraft objects.

Useful Telephone numbers

Island Telephone Area Code +30 251

Police Station 41911

Municipality of Mytilene 28501

Regional Directorate of North Aegean 27601

Prefecture 46888

Prefect 46777

Ministry of the Aegean 22543, 28296

Hospital 43777-81

Port Authorities 47888, 40827

Road Police 22030

Tourist Police 22776

Olympic Airways 28660

National Air Terminal of Mytilene 61212

Shipping Company of Lesvos (N.E.L.) 28480

Urban bus station 46436

Inter-Urban bus station 28873

Taxis 23500, 25900, 22064

M.O.T station (K.T.E.O) 47777

Taxation Department 24554

Public Treasury 28822

First Instance Court 22518

Public Prosecutor 25222

Social Security Foundation of Mytilene 29911

Power Supply Failure Service 28860, 125

Water Supply Failure Service 24444

Holy Cathedral of Mytilene 22654

National Stadium of Mytilene 22024

Mitilini (Mytilene)