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Welcome in paradise!

On this page you can find maps of Lesvos: road map, Mytilene town map, Nautical charts of Lesvos.

Lesvos Island is located in north-east of the Aegean Sea. Lesvos (Lesbos) is third big island in Greece after Crete and Euboea. Lesvos Island is famous by producing high quality olive oil and ouso. Territory of island is full of olive and fruit trees. In Lesvos Island you can enjoy perfect weather, delicious food, Greek hospitality and beautiful nature.

Map of Mytilene Town

Lesvos roads map

1. G.N.T.O. (Greek National Tourist Organisation) Information Office, Currency Exchange Bureau

(tel. +251 28199)

2. Greek National Tourist Organisation

(tel. +251 42511-12)

3. Prefecture of Lesvos

4. Municipality of Mytilene

5. Tourist Police (+251 22776)

6. Post Office (+251 28823)

7. O.T.E. (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation) (+251 28299)

8. Port Authority (+251 28647)

9. Customs – Passport Control (+251 2.398)

10. Fire Brigade (tel. 199)

11. Ministry of the Aegean

(+251 22543)

12. Hospital (+251 43777)

13. Cultural (Arts) Centre of Mytilene

14. Town Hall

15. Public Library

16. Old Gymnasium (High School) Library

17. Archaeological Museum

18. Byzantine Art Museum

19. Folk Art Museum

20. Ancient Theatre

21. Castle

22. Kamares (Arches)

23. Statue of Liberty

24. Aghios (St) Athanasios

25. Aghios Symeon

26. Aghios Georgios

27. Aghios Theodoros

28. Agii Apostoloi

29. Aghios Therapon

30. Olympic Airways

 (+251 28659)

31. Urban bus station

(+251 28725)

32. Intercity bus station

(+251 28873)

33. Shipping Company of Lesvos (N.E.L.) (+251 23720)

34. Wharf

35. National Stadium

36. Public Swimming Pool

37. Yachting Club

38. N.G.T.O. Plage

(tel. +251 27508-9)

39. Regional Directorate of North Aegean (+251) 27894)

40. Tennis Courts

Nautical charts of Lesvos

Lamnas Shoal

We advise you to be extremely careful around the Lamnas Shoal area. The shallowest point is merely 1m deep. An obelisk once stood there to warn of the danger but it has been ruins for many years.

Strong currents flowing southeastward characterize the shoal.

Toukmakia Isles

The are quite a few reefs and shallow shoals around the “Toukmakia” islets.

If you sail by them from the east you are in no danger at all.

There is no water on the islands but there are beautiful beaches for bathing and camping.

Gulf of Gera

It is practically impossible to discern the mouth of the Gulf of Gera from out at sea. An obelisk known as “o kalogeros” (the monk) serves as a seamark, giving off beacon signals indicating the location of mouth of Gulf.

There are no shoals in the gulf mouth area and the waters are 17m deep. The mouth is approximately 200m wide.

One should be cautious when sailing off the Cape of “Kavourolimni” as the shallow reefs extend for 50m toward the mouth of the gulf.

Gulf of Kalloni

Beacons mark the entrance to the Gulf of kaloni. It is very narrow with the narrowest point being 20m!!!

Although the gulf is 25m deep, this does not prevent vessels of any size from passing through the gulf entrance.

Sygri Bay

The Sygri sea area is quite dangerous. Northerly winds blow at wind speeds of 1-2 Beaufort higher than those in the east of Lesvos.

Many of the shoals near the shore require caution.

There is a Southern entrance to the Port of Sygri. The Port can easily accommodate even very large vessels (50m.).

There is also a smaller fully sheltered cove (small port) for small boats.

Beyond the port lies Sygri Bay, where anchorage is safe at almost any point.