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Welcome in paradise!
Excursions - Tours
Don’t limit stay merely to enjoying the beauty of the beach of Skala Eresos. The sea breeze and breath-taking sunset may well compensate the visitor, nevertheless, your can discover so much more by going on a day trip or taking one of the revitalizing walks.

A brisk early morning walk, an evening stroll or a ride on one of the traditional horse-drawn carriages through the olive groves, fig trees, melon fields and orchards of the rich Eressian plain is a delightful experience for nature lovers
There is a wetland with turtles and a wide variety of birds of rare species, which are ideal for bird-watching or scientific observation and research.
Sailing boats organise sea trips to remote beaches in the area, such as Tsichlionta to the west and Peristeria, Krousos and Tavari to the east, or to more popular locations such as Plomari and Sygri.

Be sure to visit the petrified forest in the Eresos - Iera Moni (Sacred Monastery) area. The walking route from Eresos to the picturesque fishing village of Sygri is a must for nature lovers.

Every year Eresos welcomes and extends its hospitality to many thousands of tourists both Greek and foreign from all over the world. Both the inhabitants and the authorities aim to improve the quality of the facilities and services provided in order to make holiday makers’ stay as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Basic public transport is provided by the inter-urban bus service with regular daily itinerararies during the summer months. In addition, there are three local taxis which can transfer visitors to Mytilene and other parts of the island.